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A Surprising Place You Can Find Best Natural Rubber Gloves
A Surprising Place You Can Find Best Natural Rubber Gloves

Natural rubber gloves are made of natural rubber latex by impregnation process.


Rubber is a durable, waterproof, elastic material, made of natural or synthetic latex. It is usually a finished material.


Latex is actually in liquid form. Natural rubber includes all materials made from or containing natural rubber latex (such as natural rubber latex, synthetic rubber latex or synthetic rubber containing natural rubber in its formula).


Natural rubber latex and synthetic rubber latex are common materials for household and industrial products, which are used in many fields and places. Rubber gloves are one of the most popular gloves on the market, and Hwoyee is one of the experts in the production of natural rubber gloves.


Some Characteristics Of Hwoyees Natural Rubber Gloves:

  • Hwoyee’snatural rubber gloves are very soft and flexible, providing users with convenient operation and good tactile sensitivity.


  • Hwoyee’snatural rubber gloves have good acid resistance, alkali resistance, alcohol resistance, their comprehensive physical properties are excellent.


  • The cost is relatively low, sothe cost performance is high.


  • The disadvantages of Hwoyee’snatural rubber gloves are low tolerance to organic solvents and chemicals and general aging resistance.


Zhuzhou Rubber Research & Design Institute Co., Ltd. of Chemchina (Brand: Hwoyee) is a professional research institution and manufacturer of various glove products. Our high-quality natural rubber gloves are suitable for nuclear industry, chemical industry, electronic industry, biology and medicine industry, etc.


Choose Hwoyee, you will get satisfactory natural rubber gloves products.


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