A specialized research institute and manufacturer of meteorological balloons in China!
Hwoyee: Passionate To Offer Best Weather Balloons
Hwoyee: Passionate To Offer Best Weather Balloons

Weather balloon is a kind of scientific instrument, which is used to collect data about atmospheric weather conditions. These data are used for weather forecasting, and many agencies around the world release weather balloons every day.


Weather balloons can be used to identify weather patterns. Basic weather balloons will collect information about ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity. Usually, this information will be collected as the balloon rises and hovers at high altitude. The data is sent back to earth through the transponder.


The main body of a weather balloon is usually made of latex or similar flexible materials. When it is inflated, it is filled with hydrogen or helium, and different degrees of gas are used, depending on the height of the balloon.


Most meteorological monitoring agencies release weather balloons at least twice a day, sometimes more frequently. When the weather conditions change rapidly, weather balloons are often released, which indicates the need for more data from the atmosphere.


The collected data are usually complementary to other forms of meteorological observation, such as meteorological satellite and ground observation, providing scientists with a complete picture of weather conditions.


If you are looking for weather balloons, you will find many choices at Hwoyee, all of which are durable and can meet your needs.


Hwoyee is the professional manufacturer of weather balloons. We are specialized in researching and developing 1600g meteorological balloons for the global climate observing system (GCOS). Our 1600g sounding balloons have been used by seven GCOS stations in China and one non GCOS station.


There is no doubt that Hwoyee is the best in China's weather balloons factories. Every high-quality weather balloon we sell has been inspected and tested. Just contact Hwoyee to buy weather balloons online!


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