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NSL type weather balloon

NSL series balloons

Our NSL series balloons were developed for customers of higher needs for flying heights. The highest height of NSL series balloons can reach is up to 50km. See below for sizes we have for NSL series balloons:
SN Size (g) Weight (g) Neck Length(cm) Neck Diameter (cm) Body Length(cm) Horizontal Length(cm) Bursting Dia (cm) Free Lift (g) Average Bursting Altitude (m) Color Package Standard Package Dimension (mm) Package GW(kg) Average rate of Ascent (m/min) Unit Price(USD)
0 NSL Series Auxiliary Balloon 200~900 ≥10 ≤6.0 90~250 55~160 >250 / / Natural / / / / /
1 NSL-30 Major Balloon 700~900 ≥15 ≤6.5 210~250 134~160 >650 1200~1800 >30000 Natural 6pcs/carton 710×388×175 8.0 ≥330 77.00
2 NSL-35 Major Balloon 1600~1900 ≥15 ≤8.5 290~330 185~210 >1050 1800~2200 >35000 Natural 4pcs/carton 710×388×175 10.0 ≥330 180.00
3 NSL-40 Major Balloon 3000~4000 ≥15 ≤12 4.20~5.50 268~350 >1300 1800~2500 >40000 Natural 2pcs/carton 710×388×175 10.0 ≥330 520.00
4 NSL-45 Major Balloon 6000~8000 ≥15 ≤13 5.80~7.50 369~470 >1500 1800~2800 >45000 Natural 1pcs/carton 710×388×175 9.0 ≥330 1350.00
Notes: This new series of balloon (below called NSL BALLOONA) was developed for sounding requirements above 30km and 40km, which greatly simplified gas-filling operation before launching, it is combined by major balloon and auxiliary balloon, as well as specialed gas-filling adapters. Now, we mainly have below four sizes of NSL balloons: NSL-30 sets: sounding height above 30km (include major balloon, auziliary balloon and adapters) NSL-35 sets:sounding height above 30km (include major balloon, auziliary balloon and adapters) NSL-40 sets: sounding height above 40km (include major balloon, auziliary balloon and adapters) NSL-45 sets:sounding height above 45km (include major balloon, auziliary balloon and adapters) Advantages of this new type balloon: 1. Average bursting height is much higher than any other balloons and with good stability. Under any weather conditions, its effective rate is over 90% (Adverse weather condition is of light influence to performance of balloon); 2. No need to reconstruct the gas-filling house, even if large balloon can be filled in normal size gas-filling house; 3. Equipped with specially designed- adapters, it simplified operation process; 4. With stable bursting height and average bursting height greatly increased; 5. Equipped with gas-filling device ensured uniformed gas-filling volumn; 6. Around the world, HWOYEE new type NSL balloon created a new page for high altitude sounding field, which can realize height of 45km, and even to 50km.
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