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Butyl Rubber Gloves
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This product can be worn directly or used together with glove box; it has good chemical resistance capacity and excellent air tightness capacity. The gloves can be used to protect hands from corrosion or injuring of tritium, hydrofluoric acid, aliphatic solvents and halogenated hydrocarbons.

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Features / Advantages

1.Good chemical resistance capacity.

2.Excellent ozone and UV resistance performance.

3.Excellent flexibility.

4.Excellent gas and liquid impermeability.

5.Good antistatic performance (specific resistance 105~108Ω·cm).


Application Field


Specifications And Models


Glove Type Sleeve diameter (mm) Length (mm) Palm size Thickness(mm)
Glove box gloves 200 500700750 7,8,9 0.4.,0.6,0.8
220 750800 7,8,9
Short gloves 90100 300330 6,7,8,9
Note Products of different sizes can be customized according to users' requirements.


Inspection Equipment
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Butyl Gloves, Butyl Rubber Gloves

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Butyl gloves offer the greatest gas and water vapor resistance among today's glove polymers. As a result, several applications for this glove can be found in industry, and it is also used the world over in military, disaster preparedness, and hwoyee.com applications.

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  1. Sturdy structure
  2. Precise sizes
  3. Water resistance

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