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What are the functions of high altitude detection?
What are the functions of high altitude detection?

Sounding balloon function:

High-altitude detection must not only meet the needs of weather forecasting, but also gradually meet the needs of climate forecasting and climate change research. The GPS high-altitude phenomenon detection system uses the global GPS satellite positioning system to measure high-altitude wind direction, wind speed, air pressure, temperature, and humidity through GPS radiosondes, thereby obtaining measurement data of a variety of high-altitude phenomenon elements. It is the latest technology in the world. The advantages of its wind measurement system are unmatched by primary radar, secondary radar, radio theodolite, and other navigation and positioning detection systems.

Operation method and steps:

(1) Pull down the tether and slowly lower the hydrogen balloon.

(2) After being lowered to the ground, spray the antistatic liquid on the ball skin vent and the mooring ring and other accessible places.

(3) Pull the deflation rope on the top of the hydrogen balloon with the rope to release the vent, so that the vent is spread upward.

(4) After fixing the venting rope, the hydrogen balloon can be lifted up to 10-20 meters above the air and hung upside down, allowing the hydrogen to be discharged freely.

(5) After the ball skin falls, slowly squeeze out the hydrogen gas on the cloth, then evacuate it, then fold and pack the bag, so that hydrogen gas should not be left in the ball skin.


1. The speed of giving up should not be too fast. It is strictly forbidden to vent the vent to people, squeeze the ball forcefully to deflate, and keep away from fire and crowds when deflating.

2. It is strictly forbidden to put the hydrogen balloon upside down without venting.

3. When the recovery site does not meet the recovery conditions or the hydrogen balloon cannot be recovered due to strong winds, to ensure safety, the recovery will be suspended according to special circumstances.

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