About Us


About Us

Established in 1964, Hwoyee is a specialized research institute and manufacturer of weather balloons in China (Brand: Hwoyee). For years, as the designated supplier of CMA (China Meteorological Administration), Hwoyee weather balloon showed good quality and excellent performance under various weather conditions and in different regions. Until now, Hwoyee series balloons had been exported to more than 40 countries.

Except for weather balloons, we are also a specialized research institute and manufacturer for different latex products, for example:meteorological parachute, giant color balloon, gloves (neoprene gloves, butyl rubber gloves and natural rubber gloves, industrial gloves, household gloves), party decor balloon and adv balloon etc.

What We Do

We now have three types of weather balloons, which can meet requirements of different customers (HY series, RMH series and NSL series).

HY series meteorological balloon

HY Series Balloon

RMH series balloon

RMH Series Balloon

NSL Series Balloons

NSL Series Balloon

​HY series weather balloons use the traditional dipping method. This production technique has been applied by us for more than 40 years, and balloons produced by this method have shown good quality and stable performance.

RMH series weather balloon was a new production technology we developed recent years for customers who had needs for small neck balloons (3cm neck diameter). This type of balloon is suitable for automatic sounding systems; We also have different nozzles that can be adapted to the customer's different filling sets.

The NSL series of weather balloons uses a double-balloon approach, which ensures a higher explosion height. The largest size, the NSL-45, can reach altitudes of 48 to 50 km. If you have any high altitude needs, we welcome your inquiries at any time.

Why Choose Us

Core Strength

One of the two major manufacturers of weather balloons in the world and the largest manufacturer of weather balloons in China.
More than 40 years manufacturing experience of weather balloon
The maximum design height of the balloon is up to 50,000 meters.
Designated research and production unit of China Meteorological Administration.
Member of HMEI Association of World Meteorological Organization.
Weather balloon international standard drafting and development unit.
National Latex Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center undertakes quality testing.

High Quality

High quality is the premise and guarantees to win the market, by adhering to ISO9001:2015 quality management system and supported by our state-of-art equipment and technologies, Hwoyee series products will sure be the best choice of you! Our commitment to quality extends from our manufacturing process to testing center of latex products. Located in Hunan, China, our institute is in possession of the most advanced and sophisticated quality inspection equipments.

High-low Temp Test Machine
Ozone Aging Test Machine
Tensile Test Machine

Technology Strength

The National Latex Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center under our company is the only professional national inspection center in China's latex industry, which has a laboratory area of 2400 square meters.

The laboratory is equipped with more than 150 instruments and equipments, including high and low temperature testers, ozone aging testers, tensile machines, high performance liquid chromatographs, atomic absorption spectrometers and many other sophisticated instruments and equipments to protect the product quality!

Hwoyee Balloon helps National "Mission Peak" Project

In May 2022, Weather balloons produced by Hwoyee  helped the national "Summit Mission" Everest scientific research project.

Mission Peak
Mission Peak2

Welcome to Cooperation

Quality is the first priority! With the largest testing center for latex products in China, we can ensure our products meet the most stringent industrial standards. HWOYEE series products will sure be the best choice of you!