Do weather balloons come back down?


Meteorological sounding balloons usually land on the earth after completing their mission. Don’t worry about them disappearing. Each meteorological instrument comes with a dedicated GPS. We all know that traditional air-sounding balloons are used in many explorations of meteorology, so what happens when these balloons rise into the air? The explosion or was blown away? In fact, both cases will happen, but the sounding instruments they carry are generally not lost. After all, meteorological instruments will have special positioning devices and they will also be affixed with eye-catching labels to allow people to consciously hand in meteorological instruments.

1. Meteorological sounding balloons generally explode after completing their missions, and only a small part of them will be reused

Meteorological sounding balloons are actually dead sounding instruments specially designed by the Meteorological Bureau. They tie the meteorological instruments under the weather-sounding balloons and rise to high altitudes to explore the weather. So what happens when these balloons complete their mission? Continue to fly out of outer space? No, basically when they reach a certain altitude, they will explode due to air pressure, and then the instruments they carry will be thrown back into the earth. It is true that some meteorological sounding balloons will not explode, but they will also set up special devices to land back into the earth at a certain height.

2. Although the meteorological sounding balloon exploded at high altitude, the instruments it carried would generally land on the earth safely, and then use GPS to find traces.

Can these instruments that were thrown back to the earth be recovered? Most of them are okay. After all, meteorological instruments are equipped with special GPS, and reminders will be marked on the instruments, so that those who find them can be handed over to the government and have rewards, so most of the meteorological instruments can be retrieved. Unless these instruments are dropped on the cliffs or in the deep sea, they will choose to give up receiving them, but most of the instruments can still be recovered and used again, but for meteorological sounding balloons, they are basically disposable items.

The meteorological sounding balloon will explode after completing its mission and rarely return to the ground again.

Post time: Aug-16-2023